Old Magazine Articles

  Over the years I was fortunate to be able to combine several interests into one, namely my model cars, photography, and creative writing. I had several articles published in Car Model Magazine in the late 60s and early 70s, and returned once again in Car Modeler Magazine in 1997. Click on any of the thumbnail images for the full article.  


How to Build an Operating Sunroof

Car Model Magazine - June 1969 - Pp. 46-48

How to Build a Working Hardtop Convertible

Car Model Magazine - July 1969 - Pp. 28-30

'Vette Lover's Vision

Car Model Magazing - November 1969 - Pp. 21-26

Charger Town & Country

Car Model Magazine - June 1970 - Pp. 44-45

Build a Nostalgic Hot Rod

Car Model Magazine - March 1974 - Pp. 24-26, 36, 39

Detailing with Your Camera

Car Modeler Magazine - November 1997 - Pp. 11-13

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