Tips & Tricks


Restoring Glass

One thing that frequently poses a serious problem for modelers is the clear plastic used in most kits to simulate glass. The occasional accident can damage clear plastic; one slip with glue application, or a wayward fingerprint can ruin an otherwise great looking model. Click here to see some steps you can take to restore the clear plastic parts so that they look almost new.



Two Tone Painting

Two tone paint jobs are pretty important for replicas of cars from the 50s and 60s, customs, and race car replicas. Click here for a few simple steps to creating a great looking two tone paint job.



Poseable Front Suspensions

Poseable front suspensions are easy to do if your kit has the necessary parts. (Click here)



Using Your Computer to Shift Colors

When I was building my '59 Impala convertible, I chose a factory authentic exterior color that didn't quite go with the interior seat inserts that were included in the kit. Not to worry! Here's what I did: (Click here)



Making Decals with Your Computer

This is a quick and easy way to make your own custom decals for that special project. Click here to check it out!



Brushing Alclad®

Sometimes it pays to break the rules. Applying Alclad® with a brush makes detailing easy. Click here to see more.