Build a Revolving Paint Caddy

Need a way to store all those small bottles of paint and save storage space at the same time? We'll show you one solution.

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Photographing for Realism, Part One

So you've spent hours and hours shaping and sanding, getting the perfect paint job, doing the final painstaking assembly...and finally, it's finished! Now you want to show off your efforts to others. So you grab your camera and shoot away, but somehow the results just aren't what you're looking for...

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Back to the Futura

The fifties were the golden age of Detroit’s “dream cars” and at the top of the list was Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln Futura. Billed as a $250,000 rolling laboratory, the Futura not only looked like the fifties version of the future, but also was a fully functioning engineering marvel that foreshadowed a number of features that would later find their way into production. In this article we take a look at building Revell's vintage classic kit.

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About Skill Levels

Most of today's kits have a skill level associated with them. But just what do those numbers mean, and what can they tell you about the kit?

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Old Magazine Articles

Back in the late 60s and early 70s I had several articles published in Car Model Magazine. The methods were a bit crude back then as compared to how we do things today, but it's fun to go back and enjoy a bit of nostalgia. I also had one in Car Modeler in 1997.

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